Luis Llaneza


MSc. (1995), now PhD. Student at Cellular Biology and Ecology Department, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Luis started studying wolves in 1986 while he was a student at Oviedo University (Spain), thanks to some grants and scholarships for that purpose. At the begining, he tried to shed some light on wolf ecology in Spain, especially in the North, and contribute to fill a gap in the knowledge of the species' status and ecology in the Iberian Peninsula. After working as a wildlife consultant, focused on wolf monitoring in most of the spanish distribution range of the species, he now rules his own company, advising many governmental organisms (national and regional levels) regarding wolf conservation and management. His main research interests are differential adaptive traits of wolf populations under high human pressure at different levels (population dynamics, landscape, habitat, trophic ecology, etc.) and developing new resource-efficient tools to optimise wolf population monitoring schemes. Human-wolf conflict is a priority in his work. Luis can be reached at:

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