José Vicente López-Bao


PhD. (2010)


Since chilhood, José became imprinted in ecology and conservation, being trapped by the conservation science. He has developed his research career integrating quantitative and multidisciplinary approaches to achieve solutions to ecological, conservation and management problems using carnivores as model species, being particularly interested in linking behaviour with conservation and management. He is focused on the effects of anthropogenic activities on these contentious species, human-carnivore conflicts and the adaptations of both, carnivores and humans, to the coexistence and its consequences with the Iberian wolf as main study model. He´s also interested in general patterns of wolf ecology and management, and aim to generate scientific-knowledge to inform managers, policy-makers and other interested stakeholders. He is a member of the Canid Specialist Group and the Wolf Working Group at IUCN, and can be reached by email at:, on and on Twitter @CarnivoreSci

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